Crystal World Founder Tom Kapitany

Crystal World Visionary Founder Tom Kapitany

Inception and Passion

The Crystal World Exhibition Centre in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is a captivating haven for crystal enthusiasts, geology aficionados, and curious minds. Let’s delve into the fascinating story behind this.

Founder Tom Kapitany is the visionary behind Crystal World. His journey began with a deep love for all things related to natural history. After completing a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne, where he majored in Botany, Geology, and Molecular Biology, Tom embarked on a mission to share his passion with the world.

From Rare Plants to Fossils and Minerals

Tom’s journey took an unexpected turn when he started selling fossils, minerals, and meteorites from his personal collection at Collectors Corner, a specialist retail nursery in Melbourne. This marked the inception of Crystal World back in 1999, with a focus on crystal mining in Australia.

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Australia’s Largest Importer and Exporter

Today, Crystal World stands tall as Australia’s largest importer and exporter of gems, crystals, minerals, fossils, meteorites, carvings, and unique specimens. Tom and his brothers operate over 40 mining leases to acquire these extraordinary treasures. Their two gallery showrooms overflow with a diverse array of items, showcasing their personal collections and funding their adventures around the globe.

A World of Geological Marvels

At Crystal World, you’ll find more than just crystals. Tom’s expertise extends to deeptime geology, scientific specimens, and educational wonders. Here are some highlights:

  1. Stromatolites: Witness the first signs of life on Earth.
  2. Acasta Gneiss: The oldest rock in the world, melted by a giant meteorite impact.
  3. Jack Hills Metaconglomerate: Contains 4.4 billion-year-old zircons.
  4. Lunar Meteorites: Pieces of the moon right here on Earth.
  5. Carbonaceous Chondrites: The Murchison Meteorite holds organic compounds, potentially the building blocks of life.

Cutting, Polishing, and Crafting

Crystal World also boasts a facility dedicated to cutting, polishing, and processing Australian rough stone crystals. Their expertise extends to Dinosaur fossil preparation, adding another layer of fascination to the center.

A Market Leader and Specialist

Tom Kapitany’s legacy extends beyond Crystal World. He holds over 40 mining tenements and exploration licenses across Australia. From giant garnets to magnetite crystals, their mining endeavors yield a diverse range of treasures.


Visit Crystal World

If you’re ever in Melbourne, make sure to visit the Exhibition Centre gallery at 13 Olive Road in Devon Meadows. Explore the wonders of crystals, fossils, and minerals firsthand. Feel free to call at +61 3 5998 2493 if you have any questions.

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